Jonathan Heisse and William Leighty

Magisterial District Justice and New Holland Chief of Police


Jonathan Heisse has been a police officer, detective, and member of the Lancaster County Major Crimes Unit. In 2011, he was promoted to Lieutenant, and in 2017 was elected to his current role as Magisterial District Judge for parts of Eastern Lancaster County. MDJ Heisse enjoys being able to interact with people, and, in his role as judge, assessing each case individually, and finding ways to help defendants find alternative sentences—like giving back to the community through community service—when appropriate.


William Leighty is chief of the New Holland Police Department. Prior to that role, he was Administrative Sergeant for the Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Force and Chief of Police in Clay Township, Lancaster County. He has built his career in law enforcement leadership and enjoys supporting his community both through his work and his volunteer efforts.

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